Kirss Garden organizes and conducts event in estonian, russian, finnish and english language. The father-daughter-son family project which hosts dance parties, company events and birthdays, has also a crown jewel – the drumshow – a humorous show where the audience also gets a chance to play along.

In co-operation with Eesti Kontsert (Estonian Concert), Kirss Garden has conducted rhythm workshops in school across Estonia.

With a decade of playing together behind them, the family of drummers have successfully performed all over Estonia, as well as Sweden, Finland, Canada and the United States.


Kirss Gardeni Playground

• Company events
• Birthdays
• Summer holyday events
• Weddings
• Christmas
• Cafe clubs
• Presentations
• Banquets
• Nightclubs
• Sport events
• Children events
• Theme parties

Kirss Garden offers

• Drum show
• Host
• Wedding host
• Conductor of games
• Game props
• Dance orchestra
• Sound equipment
• Surprise perfomances
• Rythm workshops
• Drum lessons (djembe and drum set)